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Cernol Madagascar SA was created in 1995 to supply a wide range of Huntsman textile dyes, and auxiliaries used in the preparation of the textile fabric. The textile laboratory assists dyers in determining the dyeing recipes (“shade-matching”) applicable for its customer’s specific requirements during production.


In addition, Cernol Madagascar SA has branched out into the industrial hygiene sector as the exclusive distributor of ECOLAB (World leader in Hygiene) and KIMBERLY CLARK (KLEENEX). With over 30 years of experience in the country, the company is today a privileged partner of most hotels and restaurants, as well as Food and Beverage companies in Madagascar.


Cernol Madagascar SA also offers:

  • Concrete admixtures (accelerators / retarders [including for chemical surface], hardeners, form release agents, waxed, hard landscaping, sealers, water repellents, etc.)
  • Raw materials used in paint manufacturing (styrene acrylics, resins, alkyds, pigments, thickeners, etc.).
  • Swimming pool cleaning and water treatment products (hypochlorite, acid-based buffer, anti-algae, etc.).
  • Homecare products distributed under the brand Cernol in bottles of 500ml, 750ml, 1L and 5L.


Cernol Madagascar SA serves its customers throughout this vast territory through ongoing technical support regular end-user training and distribution of dispensers/pumps for consumption control. With a view to sustainably servicing its clients, the company ensures that it stays up to date with the latest industry trends and emerging technologies. 


Two years prior to setting up Cernol Madagascar SA, Cernol established DYNACHIMIE SA, a company operating in the Free Zone which specialises in blending and distribution of textile chemical products. DYNACHIMIE SA acts as a major supplier to Free Zone textile producers of dyed and / or printed fabrics and garments. As reseller of the brand Eurodye-CTC, a textile chemical company based in Belgium, Dynachimie SA also supplies textile pigments and a wide range of textile auxiliaries. 


Dynachimie SA’s textile laboratory houses a technical team familiar with textile development processes and offers its clients the possibility to conduct water analysis, products testing and check for shade-matching. 





Philippe COUE

General Manager


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Address: Local No ZI09 Zone Industrielle Aro, Andranotapahina - BP753 - Antananarivo 101 – Madagascar




Tiana Razanatsimba 

Technical Sales

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Joro Ravoniandro

Technical Sales


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Incorporated in 2016, Cernol Seychelles has established itself as a trusted and reliable provider of comprehensive cleaning and hygiene solutions across the island. As representative of ECOLAB, the company offers top-notch services and a wide range of products to local hotels and households.


Building on the significant industry experience which Cernol possesses, Cernol Seychelles has mastered the delivery of impeccable cleaning and hygiene solutions to hotels. The company ensures that its clients’ establishments adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness enforced by the hospitality sector.


Extending far beyond just providing products, Cernol Seychelles also offers tailored technical support and training to the staff of its valued clients to help them optimise their cleaning processes.


In addition to serving the hospitality sector, Cernol Seychelles operates a retail shop which offers an extensive range of homecare products - from dishwashing and laundry essentials to degreasers, bleaches, floor cleaners, disinfectants, and personal care items - designed to meet the diverse cleaning needs of local households, at the Providence Industrial Estate in Mahé. 


Cernol Seychelles has positioned itself as a cleaning and hygiene solutions partner of choice vis-à-vis households and hotels through its high-quality service and products, as well as technical expertise. Its commitment to building long-lasting relationships with its clients sets it apart as one of the leaders in the cleaning and hygiene industry.




Raymond Malbrook

General Manager


Tel: (248) 2502525

Address: Providence Industrial Estate, Mahé, Seychelles