Natural Capital

As an island-based entity, we strongly believe that adhering to conventional waste management and linear production models poses risks to our terrestrial and marine ecosystems. 


Guided by a spirit of innovation, we chose to champion sustainability objectives by placing the circular economy at the heart of our strategy to safeguard both our terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Our flagship endeavour-the Cernol Refill Station- involves empowering customers to actively participate in our mission by refilling their plastic containers, forging a shared path towards a more sustainable future.

Social and Human Capital

Leveraging the uniqueness and strength of our human capital is our commitment to creating positive impact amid a supportive environment.

Through a culture of learning and continuous improvement, we encourage our employees, especially women, to upskill and adapt to a dynamic landscape. Our community initiatives are further testament to our efforts in investing in people’s growth.


Our governance practices are bound in Transparency, Accountability, and Ethical behaviour. Our diverse leadership and independent board directors work together to implement comprehensive risk management frameworks which guide decision-making and promote ethical corporate behaviour.


We also ensure adherence to rigorous financial reporting and regulatory guidelines while proactively engaging with stakeholders. Furthermore, we are engaged in cultivating diversity and inclusion within our leadership frameworks to enrich our perspectives. We believe that our governance philosophy is the guardian of enduring integrity for our continuing success.