A legacy of trust and innovation

Since its inception in 1970, Cernol has focused on crafting and delivering quality hygiene and cleaning solutions, fostering safer and cleaner living spaces for Mauritians. While the company's primary mission has always been to inspire confidence and provide innovative solutions, its new chapter sees a restored commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

The swan, symbol of purity
The company's iconic swan symbolises purity and grace. As a part of recent repositioning, this timeless emblem has been revamped to reflect Cernol's dynamism, adding modernity and creativity to its renowned expertise. The infusion of a radiant glow into the original blue signifies Cernol's commitment to continuous innovation.


Guardians of living spaces
Present in Mauritian households for over five decades, Cernol manufactures its products locally under the label Made in Moris. The company is more than just a chemical manufacturer; it embodies our mission as guardians of living spaces. By directly contributing to the improvement of hygiene and sanitation for the population, we wish to positively impact the people’s health and the economy. Cernol aspires to lead Mauritians and partners towards a future where confidence and freshness reign supreme.

The company is more than just a chemical manufacturer; it embodies our mission as guardians of living spaces.

Local expertise, global partnerships
Cernol's success story is woven with local expertise and international collaborations, notably with industry leaders such as ECOLAB and ARCHROMA. These partnerships empower Cernol to offer tailored solutions, informed advice, and unparalleled technical support across various sectors, including hospitality, construction, the F&B and textiles.


Paving the way for sustainable solutions
As we write our new chapter, we invite Mauritians and partners to join us in a journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow. The Refill Stations, one of our latest innovations, offers an ecological and economical solution to reduce our dependency on single-use plastic containers through the reuse and refill detergent bottles. Through such initiatives and a renewed commitment, we actively contribute to a positive change for the communities and environment. 

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