Over five decades of excellence and innovation.

1970s - Laying the Foundation for Success


Our journey began in 1970 when Poncini et Fils Ltd and Chemical Services Pty joined hands to create the company. As the local economy surged ahead, so did we, diversifying into various industries – from hospitality to textile, construction to water treatment, and even the domestic sector.

During this era, we proudly became the exclusive agent for ECOLAB, a global leader in hygiene solutions, and gained the endorsement of CIBA, the world leader in textile technology.

1980s - Pioneering New Frontiers


In 1985, we founded Dynachem: a specialised entity dedicated to the textile industry. With a team of about 20 individuals, we introduced our very first homecare cleaning products – the iconic dishwashing liquid, WASH, the powerful bleach, JAVEL POWER 12, and the CERNOSCOUR scouring powder. Our commitment to innovation led us to craft formulations that perfectly matched the evolving needs of the Mauritian market.

1990s - Expanding Across Borders


The 1990s marked a significant expansion phase for Cernol. In 1993, we extended our presence to Madagascar through Dynachimie and Cernol Madagascar. We established a factory to serve clients across diverse industries, including hospitality, textile, and construction. Additionally, we made our mark in the Reunion Island market through an agent and distributor, Ecochimie Sarl.

2000s - Spreading Our Wings


The early 2000s witnessed a strategic focus on the widespread distribution of Cernol's trusted brands. In 2002, Cernol Marketing Ltd was established to handle the retail marketing and distribution of our products. In 2007, we created Chemical Systems Ltd, a dedicated entity serving the building industry. 

We obtained our ISO 9001 Certification during that period.

2010s - A Decade of Challenge and Triumph 


The 2010s brought further expansion as we began distributing Cernol products in Rodrigues in 2011. 

In 2012, a fire outbreak tested our resilience. Yet, with firm determination, our passionate team re-engineered our production system to upgrade our products and solutions, for a successful comeback to the market. 

In 2016, we expanded our horizons by incorporating Cernol Seychelles, enabling us to deliver top-tier cleaning and hygiene solutions to Seychelles' hospitality sector. 

2020s - Forging Alliances


Our journey continues into the 2020s with renewed vigour. In a strategic move, the operations of all Cernol companies were merged under Cernol Ltd. We forged an associate partnership with the Taylor Smith Group in 2021, solidifying our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services. We entered the Taylor Smith Group in 2023.

As we look ahead to the future, our legacy of excellence and innovation remains our guiding light. 

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Our Vision

is to be the partner of choice in providing innovative cleaning and hygiene solutions to create safer environments that inspire confidence.

Our Mission

With passion, our team creates and produces cleaning and hygiene solutions while inspiring a shift towards responsible practices.

Together, we provide peace of mind through expert advice to households, communities and industries.

Team Spirit
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General Manager
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Finance Manager
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Assistant Human Resources Manager
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Sales Manager Professional
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Sales Manager Retail
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Marketing Manager
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Supply Chain Manager
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Technical Manager
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Process and Production Manager
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IT and Maintenance Manager